write [rīt]
wrote, written, writing [ME writen < OE writan, to scratch, engrave, write, akin to Ger reissen, to tear < IE base * wer-, to tear off, scratch > Gr rhinē, a rasp]
a) to form or inscribe (words, letters, symbols, etc.) on a surface, as by cutting, carving, embossing, or, esp., marking with a pen or pencil
b) to form the words, letters, or symbols of with pencil, chalk, typewriter, etc.; put down in a form to be read [to write a paragraph, a formula, etc.]
2. to form or inscribe (words) in cursive style: opposed to PRINT (vt. 7)
3. to spell (a name, word, etc.) [words written alike are often pronounced differently]
4. to know (a specific alphabet, language, etc.) well enough to communicate in writing
5. to be the author or composer of (literary or musical material)
6. to draw up or compose in legal form
7. to fill in (a check, money order, etc.) with necessary writing
8. to cover with writing [to write three pages]
9. to communicate in writing [he wrote that he would be late]
10. to communicate with in writing; write a letter or note to [write her before you go]
11. to entitle or designate in writing [he writes himselfJudge]
12. to underwrite
13. to leave marks, signs, or evidence of; show clearly [greed was written on his face]
14. Comput. to record (information) in a computer's memory or on a tape, etc. for use by a computer [to write a file to a disk]
1. to form or inscribe words, letters, symbols, etc. on a surface, esp. by making marks with a pen or pencil
2. to form words in cursive style: opposed to PRINT (vi. 3)
3. to write books or other literary matter; be an author or writer
4. to write a letter or letters
5. to be employed at written work, as a clerk, copyist, etc.
6. to produce writing of a specified kind [to write legibly, a pen that writes scratchily]
write down
1. to put into written form; write a record of
2. to disparage or depreciate in writing
3. to write in a pointedly simple style, as for readers considered to be less cultivated than the writer
4. to reduce the book value of (an asset)
write in
☆ to vote for (someone not officially on a ballot) by inserting that person's name on the ballot
write off
1. to cancel or remove from accounts (bad debts, claims, etc.)
2. to drop from consideration
3. AMORTIZE (sense 2)
write out
1. to put into writing
2. to write in full
3. to exhaust (oneself) of ideas by writing prolifically
write up
1. to write a record or account of
2. to complete in writing
3. to praise in writing
4. Accounting to increase the book value of (an asset)

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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